To those who voted for Trump

To those of you who voted for Donald Trump:

I was going to start out by saying we are not friends. But I am a writer at heart, and I let things flow; once I wrote the end of this article, and I realized that that is not the answer. In my head an angry voice is saying that we can’t be friends, that I can’t possibly go near someone who holds so much hate in their heart. But then I would become the person that holds hate in their heart, and I don’t want that. I do, however, want you all to know what you have caused, and why I and many others are angry.

I know that there were rational reasons to vote for both candidates. I am aware of that, and I’ve openly said it before. I still absolutely believe that we should all exercise our civic duty. But now that the election is over, it’s finally hitting me what a Trump presidency would mean for this country.

A Trump presidency would mean that my dad, who legally immigrated here to chase the American Dream (which the Republican Party claims to be the champion of), will lose his dream of having a successful engineering business. The business my family built from the ground up will have to be sacrificed, because once the Affordable Healthcare Act is repealed, we will not be able to afford health insurance.

A Trump presidency will be proving to terror groups in the Middle East that we do hate them. It will strengthen their convictions, and bombing civilians will only drive them closer to radicalizing.

A Trump presidency will put hundreds of thousands of innocent people at risk for violence that occurs as a result of bigotry, as well as giving invalid prejudices a chance to flourish in this country. (see:

A Trump presidency means people will die. LGBTQ+ youth who feel there is no other option in the face of conversion therapy. Women who become pregnant in unfavorable circumstances who will suffer complicated pregnancies or coat hanger abortions. POC who go about their daily lives but are seen as criminals. Not to mention the possible foreign affairs implications; civilians will die in ill-thought-out bombings and raids ordered by a man who himself qualifies as a terrorist.

A Trump presidency will tank the economy, leaving those of us with student loans in debt for the rest of our lives, especially when the job market tanks as a result of a reduction in free trade.

A Trump presidency means the rest of the world is laughing at us. America. We the people who could forgive this vile, filthy man for assaulting multiple women, making fun of disabled people, inciting violence, disparaging POWs and people of color, and not releasing his tax returns, but couldn’t forgive a Yale Law graduate with 30+ years of political experience who has spent her life fighting for the good of this country for a “crime” she wasn’t even indicted for, simply because she’s a female.

So for those of you who actually voted for him, know what danger and pain you have inflicted not only on me, but on this whole nation. This nation raised us both, and I am angry that there is every possibility it will become a beacon of negativity in this world. We have answered the entire world’s questions about us with one word: hatred. To me, that’s not okay. In the future, I hope you can all educate yourselves and instead of using your prejudices and hatred to inform your decisions, use logic and love. Think of those other than yourself. And maybe next time, we can show the world all of our potential as the United States of America.


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