An open letter…

As the election approaches, I find myself stressing out more and more about what is going to happen afterwards. So this is my open letter to voters in general.


Dear voters,

I am not one to judge others for their political leanings, no matter what they might be, as long as they are founded in logic and intelligently taken. If you want to vote for Donald Trump for sound and logical reasons that have a basis in reality and logic, then by all rights that’s your choice. Just because it isn’t mine doesn’t give me the right to tell you what to do. If, however, you’re voting for him (or anyone for that matter) on the basis of a slogan and some vaguely put ideals, then I reserve the right to judge you, at least a little bit.

My own personal opinion is that while Hillary Clinton might not be my absolute favorite person on this earth, I do believe that she is the most qualified candidate in this race, and that while irresponsibility is never something we should support in a president, she would never do anything to deliberately put Americans or national security at risk. Politics is a hard job, and there are risks and decisions involved that people who are not in politics could probably never imagine. I also believe that Donald Trump is ideologically the worst candidate for America, and his character and prejudices are the most dangerous part about his campaign. That isn’t to say there are some things that are good–at least in theory–about his platform; while he wants to repeal ‘Obamacare’, he does at least want to replace it with another national healthcare system (although he won’t put forward any details), and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But regardless of your views on the subject, I have to ask that all of us who are of age to vote actually go out and do it. This is my first presidential election as a voter, and I can see now how vitally important it is for my generation to exercise their right to vote. It might sound clichéd, but we really are the future of this country. Most of us are in our last stage before we go out into the real world and become fully fledged American and global citizens, a part of the workforce in this country and a part of global events whether we like it or not. The future of the country and the world belongs to us, and we have to take control of what it looks like. America’s leader is often dubbed the leader of the free world, and at this point the world is so globalized that it is true in more ways than one. So as voters we have to think about not just who would be best for our country, but who would be best for the world.

So don’t just sit back, relax, and watch the entertainment that is the debates. Get up, get out, and take control of the future.


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