Weekly Thoughts

img_4926    These days my life is filled with realizations of reasons I’m following the right track for my life. This week I submitted my first paper of the semester, and I had so much fun analyzing the reliability/validity of a particular psychological assessment that I could barely keep to the page limit.

Writing the paper got me thinking a lot about what it means to be a unique individual, both from a psychological as well as a philosophical perspective. Everyone has their own story, and they make us who we are. Psychology tends to group people into different traits and categories, but the stories we write with our decisions are what brings those traits to life within each of us. Tons of people around the world think of themselves as extraverted or introverted, but all for unique and different reasons.

For years, I thought of myself as extraverted because I always had lots of friends, and socializing came easily to me because we had lots of game nights that created enjoyable memories. Now, at almost-19 years of age, I consider myself more of an ambivert; I still enjoy socializing, but now many of my most enjoyable memories are evenings spent with my roommate, studying and singing along to early 2000s pop songs rather than the large and loud games of twister and water balloon fights of my high school self. I think that’s my favorite part about psychology though; exploring how and why these changes happen, and the people behind the categories. It’s okay to change, and I’m now discovering the fact that it’s not actually all that uncommon either. Humans are changeable through experiences, and sometimes we look upon it as something bad, but frankly if I met someone who had never changed in their whole life I would be absolutely shocked.

P.S enjoy this picture of a door from a palace in India. I thought it might be symbolic, but really I just like how it looks.


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