Some days are better than others…

There are a lot of really enjoyable things about being a young woman in a big city, even if your city only seems big compared to 18 previous years of suburbia hell. One of my favorite things about living here is that everything feels so alive all the time, even when I don’t (i.e. on a Monday morning heading into my first class).

But life is not all sunshine and daisies, for me or anyone. Today, for the first time in my adult life, I was catcalled. Well, sort of. I was driving to class, still half asleep, when a young-ish man in another Mercedes pulled up beside me and honked for me to roll down my window. Thinking he needed directions, I did. He then said something to me, which–given my state of exhaustion–I didn’t hear. When I replied with, “Sorry?”, asking him to repeat himself, he yelled “I SAID you looked good in your Benz. It’s a compliment, relax. Damn.”

Maybe I’m lucky to have gotten through almost 19 years of life never having been harassed on the street, and maybe it affected me more than it would have if I hadn’t already had a rough weekend, but it shook me. I had done nothing to deserve being yelled at, but then no woman (or man, or anyone) deserves to be harassed. As I continued through my day, I let this ridiculous human get me down, but the more I thought about it I realized that it’s really not worth it. Which is kind of the point of this long, rambling post: there’s going to be something that might get you down every single day of your life, but before you let it affect your day, consider whether or not it’s worth it to waste your energy on it. In some cases, it might be, and that’s okay! But if it isn’t, just let it go and keep living your best life, because there’s no better revenge than success.


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