If You Give a Girl a Textbook

Well, I’m new to this, so I figure I’ll start with an introduction. My name is Meera. I’m a second year psychology student at a school in central Virginia (although I recently transferred here from a school further south). For the most part, I am your average college student. I go to class every day, drink coffee in the library, and stay up way too late watching Netflix. Why should you listen to me? Firstly because everyone deserves to feel a part of something. No one should feel alone in their lives, and sometimes it’s hard to find people ¬†who share your daily struggles; so we look elsewhere from our everyday life. If my experiences and struggles can help even one person to feel more connected and less alone, then I’ll feel like I’ve achieved my goal with starting this blog. Secondly because I simply enjoy sharing my opinions, jokes, and random facts. I think I’m funny; you may just think I’m a huge nerd (which is also true). Either way, happy reading!


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